Researchers confirm the need to lead change is growing, but our ability to do it is shrinking.

The researchers identified 6 barriers to change, prompting the question asked:

When faced with Organisational change:

 1. What causes people to have different perceptions of the same event?

 2. Can people be mistaken in their perceptions?

 3. Does perception really affect outcomes?

 4. What is personality and how does it affect behaviour?

 5. Can emotions help or get in the way when dealing with change?

 6. Can managers learn to prevent the 6 barriers to change?


The Psychology of Leadership Mastery deliveres and mesurable, tried and tested and proven toolkit for proactive companies looking to give managers and leaders the skills needed to successfully implement change saving time, money and stress.


“You can design the most wonderful business in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

The pineapple is a metaphor for successful leadership.

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Dean Jennings
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