“You can design the most wonderful business in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

The pineapple is a metaphor for successful leadership.

The pineapple is technically not a single fruit. The fruit of 100 or more separate flowers grow on the plants core:  as they grow they swell with juice and pulp expanding to become the rich fruit.

As a leader, manager or supervisor, it is vital that we copy the lessons learnt from the pineapple, we need to involve inspire and ignite those we manage; to come together around the central core of the business. The pineapple would not be known as the king of fruit if each flower worked in isolation.

The pineapple success is its ability to get all 100 fruitlets to work together for the greater good as appose to the pineapple chunk who is working in isolation: silo thinking with no connection to the bigger picture.

Leadership is said to be both an art and a science. The pineapple shows is where the art and the science meet to enhance each other.

The art is the practical skill taught by the psychology of leadership mastery mentoring programme because its knowing how to be different that makes the difference.

Whereas the science is the tried, tested and proven psychological research on how to get the best, not just the most from people.
Your continued success as a manager leader or supervisor depends on your ability in bringing together all of the individual fruitlets / people in your team around the central core of the business to provide a perfect outcome.